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  • Dockside PumpOut Systems
  • Dockside PumpOut Systems

    Keco’s Dockside Marine PumpOut Systems are commonly installed on Fuel Docks, Piers, Sea Walls, Service Docks and other High Traffic areas. These self-contained systems feature a low maintenance design and occupy a relatively small footprint. The ‘Dockside’ configuration reduces pumpout system complexity and offers an Intuitive and User Friendly Marine PumpOut station solution.

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Dockside PumpOut Systems

Installation Consideration

Your PumpOut system will perform best when installed near the ‘Point-of-PumpOut’ and as close to the vessel elevation as possible. Most PumpOut systems can generate more Pressure than Vacuum, which means they can discharge greater distances than they can suck. Suction lift will also have a substantial impact on the systems performance. All efforts should be made to Install your ‘Dockside’ system on the floating dock level when possible.

Model PAH200 Shown
Model 900D_M40_3HP Shown
Model 900D_M40SS_3HP Shown

Pump Selection

Not all marinas are designed equally, nor does one pump fit every application. Selecting the Right Pump is critical in ensuring years of trouble free operation. Site specifics such as Pipe Size, Suction Length, Suction Lift, Discharge Length, Discharge Head, Hazardous Zoning, Power Supply, Projected Usage and Flow Rates should all be taken into consideration.

‘Dockside' Systems Are Configurable with Diaphragm or Peristaltic Pumps

Diaphragm Pump Model

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Peristaltic Pump Model

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