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  • Centralized PumpOut Systems
  • Centralized PumpOut Systems

    Keco’s ‘Centralized’ Marine PumpOut Systems (A.KA. In-Slip PumpOut Systems) are comprised of Two main components, a Pump and the Auxilary Connection Points. The Pump will connect via Suction plumbing to Multiple Connection points strategically Installed Throughout a Marina. The Pump and Connection Points can be Separated upto 4,500' Depending on the style and size pump selected. ‘Centralized’ systems provide convenience to Boaters while offering marinas flexibility with installation and future expansion opportunities.

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Centralized PumpOut Systems

Installation Consideration

‘Centralized’ Installations rely on an airtight plumbing infrastructure connecting between the Pump and Auxiliary Connection Points. Plumbing Cracks, Leaking Joints and Minor Air leaks WILL Severely Impact the Systems Performance. It is Recommended to install a Fused type plumbing such as High Density Polyethylene to help Eliminate potential air leaks. All plumbing whether new or existing should be periodically vacuum tested to ensure your ‘Centralized’ system is operating at its peak. Installing Isolation Valves throughout your Plumbing Infrastructure can help Isolate potential air leaks and assist with future troubleshooting. Pumps shall always be installed as close to the waterline and Connection points as possible.

*Pump with RPC Connection
*Hose Cart with Hydrant Connection
*Two RPC Connection

Pump Selection

Not all marinas are designed equally, nor does one pump fit every application. Selecting the Right Pump is critical in ensuring years of trouble free operation. Site specifics such as Pipe Size, Suction Length, Suction Lift, Discharge Length, Discharge Head, Hazardous Zoning, Power Supply, Projected Usage and Flow Rates should all be taken into consideration.

‘Centralized’ Systems are Configurable with Diaphragm, Peristaltic and Vacuum Pumps

Diaphragm Pump Models

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Peristaltic Pump Models

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Vacuum Pump Models

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