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1000 - Series Vacuum Pumps

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Keco’s Vacuum Systems rely on a Unique Two-Tank design that provides constant vacuum with no interruption of service. As Tank #1 fills, Tank # 2 discharges. Once Tank # 1 reaches capacity, the level sensor transmits a signal to revers the motor. Once the motor reverses, Tank # 1 begins to empty and Tank # 2 begins to fill. This continuation of service eliminates the lengthy discharge cycles common on single tank vacuum systems. Keco’s unique continuous vacuum design is kind of like a Shop-vac that never becomes full. These vacuum systems are ideal for large facilities demanding long suction runs with multiple access points. 

vacuum marine pumps, sewage pump out system, marine pump out equipment, marine pump out

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The Benefits

  • Constant / Continuous Vacuum
  • 316L Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Sealed Design (No Vent/Odor)
  • Solid State Smart Control Panel
  • Biodegradeable non-toxic Lubricant
  • Dry Run Capability
  • Low Oil Shutoff / Non Contact Sensors
  • Modular Design

Simplicity in Design:

Keco’s Rotary Vane positive displacement vacuum Pumps are suitable for the harshest environments. Our vacuum systems provide a pulsation free air flow capable of generating 29" Hg (vacuum) and 15 psi (pressure). The Vane pump is completely rebuildable and features a low maintenance design.

Maintenance Consideration:

Keco’s Vacuum Pumps feature a modular design which make them intuitive to service and maintain. The tanks can be flushed for winterization and the system can be taken off-line in a matter of minutes. Keco’s vacuum systems are equipped with a maintenance friendly plumbing manifold consisting of full port swing check valves and unions for easy replacement. Tank sensors are also threaded in place allowing for quick and easy removal for cleaning or replacement.

Vacuum Pump Models