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  • Bilge Water PumpOut System
  • Bilge Water PumpOut System

    KECO has designed a Revolutionary Bilge Water PumpOut system that provides real-time oil/water separation. The continuous operation allows for uninterrupted service providing a more user friendly experience. The oil is collected into a containment tank while the separated water can be discharged into Sewer for further treatment. The Bilge-water PumpOut system is comprised of a Fixed Pump which is installed at the “Point of PumpOut”, and the Oil Water Separation unit that is installed remotely in the marina. These pre-packaged systems are easy to install and require little maintenance.

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The Benefits

  • Real Time Oil Water Seperation
  • 5-10ppm Target Clarity
  • Modular Design
  • Above or Below Ground Installation
  • Level Indication
  • Flow Through Design